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About me


(Legal) Translator

I have been a translator and proof-reader since 1993. 

What matters to me is to make the translation understandable and easy to follow.

As a standard, I seek and verify current terminology and strive to undestand the context and carefully read the translation when completed. 

I have personal or professional experience in majority of the fields I translate in - that is why my translations make sense.



most frequently

Law offices, lawyers and attorneys
Advertising agencies 
Non-profit-making organisations 
Private clients 
Top-class translation services / agencies 


1992-1995 major English - Spanish, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic 

2000-2004 major Law at the Anglo-American College in Prague, Czech Republic (bachelor level, fully in English)

2009-2014 major Special Paedagogy, Faculty of Education, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic (Mgr.)

2013+ trainings, seminars and further education in psychotherapy, paedagogy and social work 

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